Eph Advice: Life in Mission Park

Living in Mission Park (Armstrong, Dennett, Mills, Pratt)?

You’ll find a convenient in-house dining hall, a hill that challenges you a bit on your way to class (but works in your favor on the way home), and some stunning views. Read below to hear what it’s like from those who have lived it.

Mission Winter

“There were many times I wished I lived in Frosh Quad where all my friends were. Then I would have those cold, laundry days and cannot be happier with being a Mission kid. Don’t underestimate the wonders of having a dining hall downstairs and your entry mates right there on the same floor. Netflix and dining in PJs are the best! Oh and that hill – well who wouldn’t want leg day everyday?” – Alexia Barandiaran ’19
“Living in Mission Park is absolutely wonderful! You have a dining hall to roll down to in your pajamas (don’t underestimate this!) and an incredible view from your window. One of the best parts of living in Mission is the way the entries are set up. The horizontal structure leads to a closer entry experience. There were definitely moments I wished I lived in Frosh Quad (and my friends say they sometimes with they lived in Mission), but at the end of the day, I’m glad to be a Mission Kid!” – Ayami Hatanaka ’18
“I love living in Mission because I have the best view on campus – every morning I open my curtains to see the Purple Valley mountains right in front of me! Whether the mountains are 500 colors in the fall, or sprinkled with snow in the winter, it always gets my day off to a great start.” – Emma Reichheld ’19
“For the first half of the school year, I thought I made a mistake choosing Mission. A hill, not as convenient a location as Frosh Quad, weary midnight walks back from the library… But let me tell you, I was singing a different tune once the warm weather passed. Freshman Fifteen set in, and all everyone wanted to do was stay inside. Here in Mission you have the luxury of just walking downstairs, in  your pjs and slippers, and grabbing a meal without leaving the heated bliss – which is also great if you’re sick and really don’t want to dress and leave the building. And don’t feel like walking all the way to the gym for a workout in the freezing cold? No problem! You not only have further to walk to class, but you get that leg workout going up and down the hill!” – Kristen Bayrakdarian ’19
“The best thing about living in Mission is knowing that when the weather goes cray cray, you’ll never have to leave the building!” – Victoria Onuzuruike ’17
“I was all for Mission before I came to Williams and for good reason! it is an awesome place to live. As a foodie, I was excited about having a dining hall right in the building but I didn’t count on the amazing dining hall staff and friendly custodians. I am happy I got a 3-in-1 package.” – Nana Ama Ofori Atta ’19
“The walk to anywhere else on campus can be a pain sometimes but having a dining hall in your building is a major plus. The entries have only one common room so it’s easier for you to get to know your entrymates better.” – Zihan Ye ’18
“An in-building dining hall, a single, a printer, no-stairs access to all of your entry mates, and one giant, convenient common room? What more could you possibly ask for? During those freezing winter days, you don’t even have to leave the building. Roll up and roll out of your room to grab brunch in your pajamas – nobody will bat an eyelash!” – Angela Chan ’19
“I love living in Mission Park. I can’t express how convenient it is to just have to go downstairs to eat a meal. The entries get really close because we all live on the same floor with one central common room. It is so nice to come back to my dorm after practice and sit in the common room with friends to talk about my day. Still though, whenever you feel like relaxing alone, Mission is also great because you are almost guaranteed a single!” – Josie Maynard ’19
“When I first submitted my freshman housing preference, I was all about Frosh Quad.  I even said I would be willing to do either a single or double!  To my surprise, I received a room in Mission.  One year later, I must admit that it was the best thing that could have happened!  Living in Mission provides you with an in-house dining hall (which is so important when it’s freezing out), large common rooms, and is an ideal dorm setup to meet your entry – where everyone is on one floor!” – Harold Theurer ’17
“In-house dining hall. Singles. Closer entry-mates. Good exercise to wake you up in the morning.” – Jessica Munoz ’19
“Living in Mission is awesome. #1, you’ve got a dining hall in your building, which makes surviving the winter months that much easier. #2, you’ve got a single, and in a school of only 2,000 people, having that tiny haven of personal space can be very comforting and useful. #3, the entries are horizontally aligned and the common room is only a hallway away. #4, you’re closer than you think to the library, something that is particularly useful in the winter and during finals.” – Johanna Wassermann ’18
“The sheer beauty of living in Mission Park has made my freshman experience at Williams College infinitely better. I mean, you have a dining hall right in your building! Trust me, that comes in handy when it’s 3 degrees fahrenheit outside with a wind gust. I have taken full advantage of this and go to get breakfast in my pajamas. Aside from that, it just make more sent to me. The fact that we all have one common room opposed to Frosh Quad, allows us to have a central hub where the entry can congregate and partake in events. I love the freedom of my single and being able to have it as clean (or dirty) as I’d like. Plus, having a kitchen to make your ramen is always nice.” – Mauro Renteria ’19