Office of Campus Life (OCL)

Important Updates

Updated May 16, 2021

  • Student summer participants or leaders in the follow programs will be housed in the buildings as noted below:

    • CLiA Fellows – Brooks House
    • SMALL – Horn Central & North
    • Studio62 – Horn South
    • OSAP Summer Humanities & Social Sciences (Pre-Frosh Program) – Lehman
    • OSAP Summer Science Program (Pre-Frosh Program) – Wood
    • OSAP Mellon Mays & Allison Davis Programs – Perry
    • Williamstown Theatre Festival – various buildings (WTF coordinates)

    Students staying on campus to do research, for a local or on-campus job, etc., will be housed in the following buildings: Currier, East, Fayerweather, Fitch, Prospect, Mission Park, and Morgan.

    Summer students who currently live in one of these buildings for the spring, are expected to remain in the same room from spring-to-summer, and through the summer (this is known as “squatting” your current room). We are requiring it this year to reduce necessary quick cleaning/turnover for the Custodians by over 100 rooms, and to reduce student moves and correlated support needs (and because there are no reunions on campus this year in June we can do this). Requests from squatters to change rooms will have to meet a very high bar through the Housing Appeals process.

    If you are a squatter, you and any other summer podmates who are also squatters, will be asked to pull in other summer students who have to move (summer students who do NOT live in one of the buildings noted above), to fill as many open rooms in your summer pod as possible. You cannot pull in another squatter, sorry – they have to stay put.

    After this is completed, a housing lottery and draw will take place for any students who are not squatters or who have not been pulled in, to choose from remaining rooms. Lottery will be seniority based, per usual. Pick groups up to 10; however, please note that pod sizes will be mostly max-5 (there are a handful of 6-person pods).. The larger pick group size is to give larger friend groups the possibility of picking into multiple pods near each other for the summer, as space allows.

    If you have a special housing accommodation need for the summer,, be sure to complete the Housing Appeals request form in the Housing Portal by Tuesday, May 18.

  • If You Are a Squatter (see above section on Summer 2021 Housing Info)…
    • You do NOT need to pack up your things, even if you’re leaving in May and coming back in June.
    • You can also keep your room key to use when you return.
    • Ana will give you a doorknob hanger to place on the outside of your room door – this will remind Custodial that they don’t need to clean/prep your room for someone else.
    • If you picked up boxes & tape from me last week, that’s fine – keep them to use for the end of the summer.
    If You’re Remaining On-Campus from Now through to June 14 and afterward,
    AND you’ll be Moving to a New Summer Housing Assignment…
    • stay in your current room until we tell you when you’ll be moving to your summer room
    • We don’t quite know yet when that will be, but it’s likely to be sometime between June 1-14, and may depend on where you live now as well as where you’ll be moving to.
    • If you picked up boxes & tape from me last week, that’s fine – keep them to use for the end of the summer.
    If you’re leaving campus between now and June 14,
    AND you’ll be moving to a new summer housing assignment…
    • pack up your things and place them into storage before you leave campus
    • If you’re using the college’s new student storage program, include “JUNE” into the PDF label I sent to you previously for any items/boxes etc. that you want returned for your use during the summer, so that Connors Brothers knows to bring those back to your summer building when you return.
  • Here is our plan for fall arrivals. Subject to change if the pandemic warrants it. Please make your travel plans accordingly. All times listed are ET.

    Monday, August 23, 12noon-8pm

    • Residential Leaders (JAs, JAAB, RDs, RLT, CCs)
    • Pre-orientation leaders (Firsts/Int’l)
    • Field Hockey

    Tuesday, August 24, 8am-5pm

    • Football
    • Soccer

    Thursday, August 26, 8am-5pm

    • Fall OIT Student Staff/Leaders
    • Volleyball

    Friday, August 27, 8am-8pm

    • Williams Firsts FY Students
    • International FY Students
    • EphVentures Directors

    Saturday, August 28, 8am-8pm

    • EphVentures Leaders

    Monday, August 30, 8am-5pm

    • FY Students
    • Cross Country

    Tuesday, August 31, 8am-5pm:

    • Golf
    • Crew

    Saturday, Sept 4 through Wednesday, Sept 8, 8am-8pm

    • All upperclass students
  • All spring semester on-campus students have a room to themselves.

    Dodd & CDE continue to be used for quarantine & isolation housing, as well as a handful of smaller college-owned units not typically used for student housing.

  • Due to ongoing concerns regarding the pandemic and social distancing, we began the spring with all residential kitchens closed, like the fall. This means that the appliances continue to be powered-down and the spaces are not to be used for cooking, gathering, eating, etc.

    Every on-campus student room continues to be equipped with a college-provided Micro-Fridge unit, which includes a mini-fridge, mini-freezer, and microwave, all on one energy-saving power system.

    For Co-Ops, like the fall, we may consider your requests for opening kitchens at the end of March. Assuming things are going well otherwise, information will go out directly to Co-Op residents at the end of March.

  • We began the spring semester with original pods intact. Pod Merger requests (to merge two smaller pods) may be made through the form below.

    Please note – once you’ve successfully submitted the form, you’ll receive an automated email confirming that it was received. If you don’t received the automated email, re-submit the form and make sure to complete all required fields.

    Link to Upperclass Pods GSheet

    Link to First-Year Pods GSheet

    • Look at the appropriate "Pods" GSheet for your pod's name.
    • Look at the appropriate "Pods" GSheet for the name of the pod.
  • Q: If I want to change my housing assignment, how do I do so? Will there be housing mini-lotteries this semester?

    A: Sadly, there won’t be mini-lotteries this semester. However, students may request a housing change through the Housing Appeals (HART) process. The bar for changes will be rather high this year, as housing moves are complicated due to COVID issues.

    Q: Where can I find more info on Housing Appeals?

    A: Follow this link.

  • Q: What buildings will be used for quarantine & isolation?

    A: Dodd & CDE, plus a handful of smaller college-owned buildings.

  • Q: I’ve heard of this “pod” thing. What is it?

    A: Because of social distancing, face covering, & other COVID-related parameters, we wanted to give on-campus students the ability to have a residential space (a “pod” or “cohort”) where they can be with a small number of other students to provide a flexibility similar to being with members of the same shared household, and within each pod to know that only those students are using a shared designated bathroom.

    Q: What are the pod sizes?

    A: They range from 2 to 14. It varies due to building architecture & available bathrooms.

    Q: What are the specific pods across campus?

    A: A full listing of the designated upperclass pods can be found at this link. a full listing of the designated first-year pods can be found at this link. (These listings will be updated for spring 2021 soon.)

  • Q: Can my student organization meet in person?

    A: The foundational expectation is that student orgs will meet online, rather than in person. Groups that believe they must meet in person and want to use campus space to do so, will need to request approval to do so in advance through a form on the OCL website; in applying for this, students will need to describe in detail how they will ensure that their in-person meeting will be planned & executed in such ways to stay fully within federal, state, local, and college COVID guidelines.

    Q: Where can I find the guidelines and form for my student organization to meet in person?

    A: The information can be found at the following link

    Q: Will student events be allowed to take place in residence halls?

    A: No. Because of state guidelines regarding indoor gathering limitations as well as best practices regarding COVID, student events will not be allowed to take place in residence halls.

    Q: Will Club Sports be able to practice or compete during the spring semester?

    A: We continue to work to develop protocols that will allow students to practice safely. For the fall, Club Sports did not compete or travel off campus to events. We anticipate the same for the spring.