About OCL

OCL is responsible for directing and/or advising a number of College programs & services. See below for our list of services, programs, & responsibilities, and the correlating program team members. For a general staff listing, click here.

Departmental Leadership & Support

Photo of Douglas Schiazza
Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life
Paresky Center , Rm 219
Photo of Mike R. Bodnarik
Associate Director
Paresky Center , Rm 219
Photo of Ivy Rodriguez
Financial and Administrative Coordinator
Paresky Center , Rm 219

As senior associate dean & department head, Doug is responsible for department-wide program direction/development/assessment and budget development/management, and works closely with the program team responsible for Residential Life & Housing. Doug directly supervises Mike, Patty, & Ivy.

As department deputy head, Mike works closely with Doug on department-wide program direction/development/assessment, manages the campus-wide EMS room reservations system, and works closely with the program team responsible for Student Centers, Organizations, & Events. Mike directly supervises Kris & Sam.

Ivy provides department-wide coordination for budgetary & financial paperwork & processes and manages all departmental supplies, equipment, office spaces, and OCL Front Desk Assistants.

The Front Desk Assistants are typically the first people you’ll see or talk to when you visit or call OCL. They act as front-office receptionists & provide support for the OCL 219 office team.

Program Team: Residential Life & Housing

Photo of Patricia A. Leahey-Hays
Assistant Director for Residential Life and Housing
Paresky Center , Rm 219
Photo of Ana Azevedo
Housing and Residential Programs Assistant
Paresky Center , Rm 219

The Residential Life & Housing staff team oversees the upperclass residential life program, including the selection, training, and ongoing supervision of the four student Residential Directors and the 33 student House Coordinators and their community development & programming responsibilities, as well as all student housing assignments. Patty oversees North & West Campus areas as well as the summer residential life program for students, and directly supervises Ana. Maddy oversees Central & East Campus areas. Patty and Ana oversee undergraduate student housing assignment processes throughout the academic year and the summer, including lotteries/room draws, placements, data management, and room key distribution. Programs that fall within residential life include Intramurals, Life After Williams, Williams After Dark, and Lyceum Dinners.

  • Central Campus

    • Morgan Dauk ’21

    East Campus

    • Catherine Powell ’22

    North Campus

    • Grace Goodall ’22

    West Campus

    • Chelsey Jordan ’21
  • Central Campus

    • Agard – Gabriella Mercier ’21
    • Brooks – Julia Lim ’23
    • Horn – Matthew Freitas ’23
    • Morgan – Vanessa Silva ’23
    • Spencer – Elizabeth Bigham ’21
    • West – Essence Perry ’22

    East Campus

    • Currier – Samantha Kilcoyne ’23, Arielle Nathan ’23
    • East – Taylor Braswell ’23, Homer Winston ’23
    • Fayerweather – Cynthia Masese ’23
    • Fitch – Abigail Yu ’21
    • Prospect – Carter Melnick ’22, Grant Swonk ’21

    North Campus

    • Bryant – Bishoy Yacoub ’23, Maddy Sullivan ’23
    • Carter – Mercedes Crestanello ’23
    • Gladden – Robin Lamb ’23, Ella Napack ’23
    • Mark Hopkins – Aagat Sapkota ’23, Malini Rudra ’23

    West Campus

    • Garfield – David Elien ’23
    • Perry – Emma Casey ’23
    • Thompson – Maria Roman ’22
    • Tyler – Irfan Durmic ’22
    • Wood – Amelia Levitt-Smith ’23

Program Team: Student Centers, Organizations, & Events

Photo of Sam Boyden
Assistant Director for Student Centers and Events
Paresky Center , Rm 219
Photo of Kris L. Hoey
Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Club Sports
Paresky Center , Rm 219
Photo of Lauren M. Barenski
House Manager/Programming Assistant
President's House

The Student Centers, Organizations, & Events staff team provides regular advisement & support for many aspects of out-of-the-classroom experiences for students. Kris works closely with Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), 3 Pillars student government, All-Campus Entertainment (ACE), the Yearbook, Club Sports, the RSO Purple Key Fair & the RSO Jamboree. She also provides workshops on leadership development, group budget & financial management, and host/server & TIPS training. Sam is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Paresky Center & Goodrich Hall, including usage parameters and prioritization, determination of tech support & staffing needs, furnishings, and vendors. He is responsible for programming at The Log as well as advising & working closely with the student management of the Goodrich Coffee Bar. Lauren is responsible for student programming logistics, as well as working with the senior class officers on senior class programming.

    • A/V Technicians – 
    • Hosts/Servers/General Support