Chapter 8: Get Involved!

Thumbs Up!

To get a great overview of all of the existing student clubs & organizations right off the bat, be sure to attend the Student Jamboree and the Purple Key Fair, typically held around the first day of classes. The Jamboree showcases many performing student groups (like a cappela groups, dance, etc.), and the Purple Key Fair gives all student organizations an opportunity to show what they do and how to get involved, and you can sign up then or later on. And if you don’t see a group that fits what you’re looking for, you can start a new one!

After the Jamboree & Purple Key Fair, the Office of Student Life is the place to go to seek out these opportunities and to participate in leadership development workshops (such as the Freshmen Leadership Weekend, a great opportunity for first-year students to build leadership skills, meet other student leaders & active community members, and learn about campus resources). You can also visit the Davis Center to explore opportunities, as well as the Center for Learning in Action to explore ways to get involved in the community beyond the campus here in the Berkshires, such as through the Lehman Council.

There are also some popular weekly/monthly meetings on campus to look out for, and they often include food & snacks! Some examples:

  • Gaudino Lunches
  • International Studies Colloquiums
  • Career Center brunches
  • Kaplan Council
  • JRC Friday night dinners
  • Log Lunch every Friday – $3 each time, or you can buy a semester pass
  • Language Tables for lunch
  • WASO discussion lunches
  • Williams Teaching lunches
  • Weekly harvesting at Sustainable Growers’ garden – can pick food for yourself if you help at their work parties
  • Chapin weekly music performance lunches