Eph Advice: Life in the Quad

Living in the Quad (Sage Hall & Williams Hall)?

You can expect the convenience of campus centrality, vertical entries, more opportunities to have a roommate, and lots of common rooms. Keep reading this page for more from those who have lived it before you.


“Not only is Frosh Quad pretty much the most central area on campus, but the vertical nature of entries means that you can become as close to the people in neighboring entries as with your own entry. As an added perk, living on the fourth floor gave me and my roommate our OWN common room. I’m a FQ die hard!” – Erica Chang ’18
“First off: it’s beautiful. Second off: Snack Bar is next door!!! Third: Don’t ever let a Mission kid tell you how nice it is having a big common room. Tight common rooms mean tight entries and entries will always have your back. Also, Mission kitchens are never clean. Just saying.” – Megan Siedman ’20
“Frosh Quad is close to everything. When I walk really fast, I can make it to Science Quad in about three minutes. Also, the brick buildings are beautiful in any season.” – Emily Harris ’19
“One of my favorite things about living in Frosh Quad is that I enter in the Sage A door, and then I can walk through all the other entries common rooms until I get to my room in Sage E. It is a great way to see people you already know, meet people, and become familiar with others.” – Elowyn Pfeiffer ’18
“Frosh quad is not only an adorably picturesque corner of campus, but also a community. Its location is prime, and the vertical entries allow you to know not only your own entry, but people near you on your floor too. Having more personal common rooms allows for more hangout space, more storage, and opportunities to meet tons of new people.” – Emma Ticknor ’20
“Before coming here, all my expectations of college life were based on movies like Pitch Perfect or Legally Blonde. While I soon faced harsh reality, Frosh Quad remains one aspect of the college experience that movies get right. Every day I’ll see groups playing frisbee and tossing footballs, hanging out on the picnic tables, or studying in the grass. You get to know all your neighbors, and it’s such a friendly environment. Word of warning, squirrels will throw acorns at you in the fall. Either buy an umbrella or get really good at dodging them. Learn from my mistakes – don’t try to pet the squirrels. They’re only cute from afar.” – Erikka Olson ’19
“For anyone that has a lot of possessions, there is very little storage space. The closets are actually tiny and the drawers can only hold so much. Bring your own storage bins. You can place them under the bed (they rise – no need for bed lifts).” – Valeria Baltodano ’20
“The only bad thing is that sometimes I have to go to Mission because they have awesome food.” – Ziqi Lu ’18
“Frosh quad is conveniently located near everything. That’s a huge plus during the winter months, when it’s freezing and snowing outside. The Paresky dining hall is only a 30 second walk from my entry, but even Mission (which arguably has better food) is only about 2 minutes away. Also, if you ever forget any books, you can easily make a quick trip back to your dorm.” – Katarina Mattmuller ’20
“Living in the Quad means everything is nearby! You live in basically the most central place on campus, which comes in super handy when the weather gets cold. Or if you’re at the library and forgot your physics notebook, you can quickly get it and be back in five minutes. Convenience is everything, right?” – Krushi Maisuria ’19
“Frosh Quad is probably the best place on campus to live. We’re right next to Paresky student center (I never put on a jacket in the morning because the walk to breakfast from my room takes 18 seconds, max. I’ve counted). I also love that many of the Frosh Quad rooms have common rooms to be shared between a group of 2-3 students. Suite-style living is the best! Finally, Frosh Quad has charm; it’s beautiful, self-contained, and quirky in its own right.” – Daniel Brandes ’18
“Honestly, nothing beats the beautiful brick Frosh Quad buildings. It’s the most picturesque spot on campus, with the best location! You might have to share a room, but the fact that you have your own common rooms gives you the option to decorate so much more space! It’s really nice having semi-private common rooms because it allows you to branch outside your entry while also making it really easy to bond with your suite mates. The vertical entry system is really nice because it means you can have space to study and work quietly while still feeling surrounded by friends! Besides, going up stairs does wonders for your butt.” – Miranda Weinland ’19
“Living in Frosh Quad is so convenient. In all likelihood you’ll have your own common room in addition to your main common room which operates as your own private social space outside of your room. As for location on campus, it couldn’t be better. Frosh Quad is right next to Paresky and basically right in the center of everything so it’s very easy and convenient to get to classes and events.” – Dorothy Gaby ’18
“I wish I could live in Frosh Quad my whole Williams life. It is in the best location: close to Paresky for food, Sawyer for work and the gym for keeping fit. The common rooms are also nice, kind of bland at first but really easy to decorate… and you have the beautiful quad which is great to relax in during the warmer months and beautiful to see covered in snow when it’s cold!” – Aanya Kapur ’20
“Some people say that because of the vertical entries in Frosh Quad it is not as easy to get close to your entry, but I loved it! I became really close with my entry mates who lived on the same floor as me, while still bonding with my entry as a whole. I also was able to meet people from other entries because our common rooms were connected, something not available in Mission! (Plus no matter where you’re headed on campus, you ALWAYS have a shorter walk.)” – Stephanie Boulger ’18
“There are a lot of perks to being in Frosh Quad, not the least of them being the social environment. Because of Frosh Quad’s central location on campus, it’s an easy place to meet up with friends, regardless of where they live, and people are simply way more likely to stop by (or set up camp to get out of walking) than they would be at Mission. Additionally, the suite system in Frosh Quad makes being social much more flexible. You can stay in your room, hang out in your suite common room, or go to the entry’s main common room, depending on how much you feel like interacting with people. (Added bonus: if your best friends are on a lower floor than you, you can skip out on a lot of the stairs!)” – Joelle Troiano ’20