Chapter 7: Move-in Day

Move-In 3First-year students in the Class of 2021 may arrive to campus on

Monday, August 28, 2017,

beginning no earlier than 8am.


Upon arrival:

Step One:  go to the Paresky Center to pick up your room key (Williams & Sage) or room code (Armstrong, Dennett, Mills, Pratt), building access codes and unlock schedules. Your key or code will be in your Paresky mailbox (SU box). (Your Paresky mailbox number and combination can be found in Peoplesoft by mid-August – be sure to bring that information with you!)

There will be a First-Year Resource Fair going on in Paresky’s Baxter Great Hall (right by the mailroom), at which you and your family can pick up useful information from local businesses as well as some campus offices. There you may also obtain a campus map and directions that will lead you to either Mission Park or the First-Year Quad. Feel free to check it out when you get your key/code,

15065304492_3fe83210a5_zStep Two:  move your things into your room. As you near your residence hall’s location, a Campus Safety Officer will help you find a drop off point for all of your belongings and direct you to a designated parking area. Once you have actually moved everything into your room, the hardest part of First Days will be behind you!

Step Three:  find your Junior Advisors (JA’s). They’ll welcome you, introduce you to others in your entry, and let you know about things coming up throughout the day and the week (like going as an entry together to take care of your Williams ID, and where to go for First Days programs).

From there, you will begin your journey into first-year orientation, or what we at Williams call “First Days.” More information about the First Days schedule can be found via the Dean’s Office website.


Coming to campus for the first time as a Williams College student will be fun, exciting and maybe a little scary. Believe it or not that’s normal! Don’t worry too much right away about unpacking everything and getting things in their right place. Spend time getting to know your entrymates and hanging out with your family and friends before they have to leave. Yes, eventually we DO kick them out – because you’re the student, not them. So make a mental note to hit them up for some cash in a week and send them on their way. The next few days will be so full of things to do and see, so buckle up and hold on – it’ll be a crazy ride!

Be sure to visit the Dean’s Office Website for more information about Getting Here & Moving In