Eph Advice: Senior Bucket List

What are some of the things you should do before you graduate from Williams? Here are some suggestions from those who have come before you.

140630 Go Ephs 2

“Take an hour out of your hectic Sunday evening and go to Storytime. I’ve learned so much about my fellow students and it’s a great study break. Plus there’s cookies. And there are always so many events and speakers on campus. Go to one! Don’t be lazy like me.” – Erikka Olson ’19
“Definitely do All Night Trivia with your entry over Winter Study. It’s a lesser known Williams tradition but it’s ridiculously fun. Making it to 6AM answering questions about passing kidney stones by riding roller coasters is hands down one of the greatest memories I have from college. Stock up on some Snack Bar and junk food now.” – Megan Siedman ’20
“Go to one of the seemingly random events the WCMA or the Music Department puts on. I went to a Baroque dancing class which may seem kind of lame, but it was actually really fun. Not enough people take advantage of things like that that are going on around campus.” – Dorothy Gaby ’18
“So you are in Williams College, these are the 3 things you should do: Mountain Day, Sleighing down Mission Hill, and Ace Stressbusters, you will appreciate it!” – Nana Ama Ofori Atta ’19
“Sunrise Hike! It is so hard to convince yourself to wake up for a 6am hike on a Friday morning, but trust me, you will be so glad you did! Try to go on at least one before you graduate, to take advantage of Williams’ location. The hike up Pine Cobble isn’t bad, and the views from the top are more than worth it. It is incredibly peaceful and empowering to look out over all of campus, knowing almost everyone is still asleep. You will feel productive when you have climbed a mountain by 9am and your friends are just waking up to get breakfast! Also, try all the restaurants on Spring Street and in Williamstown. I don’t think I can let myself complain about not having any off campus options if I don’t take advantage of what we do have, and there are some good surprises! We may not be in Boston or NYC, but there is still some great food practically right on campus.” – Janelle Gowgiel ’20
“Go up Stone Hill and stargaze and pet a cow. Go swimming in the Green River, especially when the water is still not absolutely freezing. Watch your friend’s dance performance. Do all night trivia! (There may be some regrets at 4am but trivia with your friends or entry is absolutely memorable!) There is always so much going on campus that there is no way you can be constantly bored.” – Alexia Barandiaran ’19
“1, snowshoeing. 2, build an entry common room fort. 3, make a movie with your friends!” – Johanna Wassermann ’18
“If you want to take advantage of living in the Purple Valley, you can go apple-picking in the fall, build an igloo in the winter, and hike Pine Cobble in the spring. To take advantage of Williams you can go to a volleyball game, laugh at an improv show, and watch a planetarium presentation. You’ll have trouble fitting it all into four years!” – Miranda Weinland ’19

140630 Go Ephs 1“Take a Free University course during winter study, whether it be League of Legends, pie-making, or ballroom dancing. Courses are taught by your fellow wonderfully talented classmates, and it’s a great way to spend your time during the depths of winter instead of staying in your room all day – although sleeping for 24 hours straight isn’t a bad idea either!” – Angela Chan ’19