Basic Events

Entries2Basic Events are smaller & simpler with specific requirements/parameters (see below), and are connected in EMS to specific smaller spaces around campus, particularly in student residences. The process for Basic Events allows students the flexibility to request the space quite close to the time of the event due to the need for less coordination and planning.

Any event expected to have 20 or more attendees must be registered. Basic Events expected to have less than 20 attendees do not need to be registered, but must follow the Responsible Party Standards for Basic Events (see below).

How to Start the Registration Process for a Basic Event
  1. Sign into EMS with your Williams username & password.
  2. Under “Reservations,” select “Basic Event.”
  3. Complete the request form & submit.
Responsible Party Standards for Basic Events
  • A Basic Event may be requested by an eligible current Williams student for locations across campus that are pre-designated in EMS for these types of events.The requested space must show as “available” in EMS, and the space must be used as-is (no special set-ups).
  • If the space is a common room that “belongs” to a group of student residents (i.e., a suite common room), the student submitting the form must be part of that residential group.
  • Room capacities are not exceeded, and no more than 50 attendees.
  • No common source alcohol (i.e., no kegs).
  • Beer and/or wine only.  No hard alcohol.
  • No more than 120 servings of beer or wine permitted (or up to twice the room capacity, whichever is less).
  • No amplified music (beyond an MP3 player at reasonable levels).
  • The student requesting the space must be reachable throughout the event at the cell phone number given.  Should a complaint come in to Campus Safety about the event, Campus Safety will contact the student at that number to have the event come back into compliance or to determine next steps for follow-up.
  • Respect for furniture, building, and possessions is critical. The space must be returned to the same condition it was in prior to the event (or better).
  • Respectful interaction with others, including CSS officers, is also critical.
  • Campus Safety, OSL, the House Coordinator, and the Neighborhood Director all reserve the right to reject the request.

A key aspect of the Responsible Party Standards for Basic Events is host accountability and responsibility. Students who organize gatherings not only provide their contact information, but are also responsible for maintaining the gatherings’ safety. If things start to go in a bad direction, they are expected to address the issue, or get help.

Individual & Group Host Responsibilities
  • Register the party
  • Maintain the party within the Responsible Party Standards for Basic Events
  • Address issues which arise (i.e., if a guest brings in hard alcohol, if people arrive putting it over the room capacity, etc.)
  • Call for help if needed to restore party to standards. (Such a call will not necessarily end the event if it can be restored to a safe state and hosts are acting responsibly.)

Determinations of responsibility for violations of Responsible Party Standards for Basic Events will be overseen by the Dean’s Office and the Office of Student Life. Issues that relate to community safety and respect will be considered particularly seriously. Sanctions for individuals and groups running unsafe events will be meaningful, significant, transparent, and uniformly applied.

Deadlines for Basic Event Registration Requests
  • For an event Monday Night through Saturday Night: same day @ 3pm
  • For a Sunday Night event: Saturday @ 3pm