Supplemental Funding

There are sources across campus for supplemental funding for student events & programs across campus. Check out the links for each source’s policies and procedures. Then, submit the form found at the bottom of this page to request funds from those sources.

Thinking about bringing in an outside speaker/performer? Be sure to follow the policies found at this link.

It’s important to have your budget plan organized before you meet with supplemental funding sources. It is strongly suggested that you:

  • Compile all of the cost and expenditure information related to your request
  • Create a detailed and easy to read itemized budget
    • Make sure that anyone—especially someone with no knowledge about your event—can read and understand your budget
    • Write out an explanation for anything that may not be obvious to a casual observer
    • Provide justification for your prices and expenditures. Where did you get the price quotes? Why do you need the items on the budget? How did you reach your total cost figure? Have you checked other vendors or searched for cheaper prices?
  • Write a brief description explaining why you are requesting money
    • This is your opportunity to justify your request and make your case
    • All funding sources have limited resources and want to help as many students as possible
    • Tell the sources how the allocation will help you/the campus/the school
    • Make sure your reasons match the mandate and restrictions of the sources you plan on approaching
    • Include a list of the people who will benefit from the allocation
  • Write a list of all of the sources you are asking for money
    • Include the amount requested from each source
    • Include the amount to be contributed by you or your organization
    • The list should be made before approaching any sources; however, once you begin to request money, update the list with final allocation figures. Always provide every source with all of the information at your disposal.
  • Get your organization’s “department ID” number (the number in Peoplesoft) and transfer information
    • For a full listing of Student Organization Department IDs Click Here
    • Contact Ben Lamb or Ellen Rougeau if your organization does not have a department ID number or if you do not know the number.

Once you have submitted the form below, feel free to communicate directly with the offices and departments listed herein. These should be the main sources to reach out to. If you are not having any luck finding funding from the below sources, please work directly with Ben Lamb or Ellen Rougeau in Student Life.

By submitting the form below, you agree that you have read all applicable processes & policies for the individual funding sources from which you are requesting funds and you understand them and agree to abide by them.