College Council Co-Sponsorship

How the funds can be used or are typically used:

Co-sponsorship money can be used for any all campus or class wide event. Possible events including guest speakers, charity events, recreational athletic competitions, & community building activities. Funds can pay for food, decorations, and most other event expenses. However, co-sponsorship money cannot be used for alcohol. Events must be open to the entire campus.

Requests for all-campus parties, concerts, & performers should go to the Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Committee (ECom).

Who can request money:

Only current students or student organizations can request money. Faculty & Staff cannot request Co-Sponsorship from College Council. If you are planning an all-campus entertainment event you should consult ACE or ECom.

Procedure for requesting money:

Submit the Supplemental Funding form by the Sunday night prior to the Co-Sponsorship meeting you plan to attend. The Finance Committee meets on Tuesday nights, and the CC Treasurer will contact you about your time to meet with the committee. You or a member of your organization must attend the co-sponsorship meeting to briefly describe your event and present your budget. Email the CC Treasurer with your request for event funding, providing both a description of your event and budget that details each expenditure for the event. Come prepared to answer questions about your budget and event, and the CC Treasurer will inform you of your final allocation after the meeting.

Typical allocation magnitude:

CC Co-Sponsorship allocations vary greatly from event to event. In general, you should submit your request to the CC Treasurer at least two weeks prior to your event, and large requests should be made as far in advance as possible.

Additional information:

If you use CC Co-Sponsorship money to help pay for your event, make sure that all of your advertising lists the event as being co-sponsored by College Council. All events receiving funding from Co-Sponsorship MUST advertise in both the Daily Messages and the Daily Advisor.

College Council wants to subsidize as many campus events as possible. Be ambitious in your planning. CC wants to support as many all campus events as we can.

Contact person: click here for the contact information of the current College Council leadership.