Dively Committee

How the funds can be used or are typically used:

The purpose of the Dively Committee is to develop an understanding of human sexuality and sexual orientation and their impact on culture. The focus of the Committee is on a broad array of programming that explores issues relating to gender difference, sexuality, homosexuality, and feminism, and that encourages a respect for and awareness of human sexuality and diversity. Funds are made available for lectures, workshops, and other events that address these issues, especially those of specific concern to members of the queer community.

Who can request money:

Any student or student organization

Procedure for requesting money:

Submit the Supplemental Funding form, and then contact the chair.

Typical allocation magnitude:

Allocation magnitudes vary from request to request.

Additional information:

The Dively Committee begins each year with around $15,000.  However, the committee spends the majority of the Dively budget on events planned by the Dively Committee itself.

Contact person: