Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives

How the funds can be used or are typically used:

The Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives will consider funding initiatives that support the college’s efforts to educate its community about sustainability and environmental issues or the college’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to implement and promote sustainable practices.  The Zilkha Center, founded in 2007,  works with students, faculty, and staff to incorporate principles of sustainability into the fabric of student life — in learning, in our purchasing and operations, in capital projects, and in the daily routines of us all. It leads the development and management of a strategic plan for sustainability that  includes energy management and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, sustainable food, waste management, environment-friendly development and purchasing, and student involvement and education. This work complements the already strong academic programs of our longstanding Center for Environmental Studies.

Who can request money:

Any student group or college department can request support from the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives.

Procedure for requesting money:

In addition to the Supplemental Funding form, submit a written description of the proposed purpose to [email protected] specifically outlining how the project will help the college attain its sustainability goals or support its mission, other sources of funding for the initiative, how project success will be measured or monitored, and a project budget. A post-implementation report, describing the outcome of the project with measurements, where applicable, is expected.

Typical allocation magnitude:

$100 – $2000, depending about the strategic significance of the project.

Additional Information:

More information on the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives is available at: http://sustainability.williams.edu

Contact Person(s):  Amy Johns, Director