Residential Life & Leadership

As a residential college, Williams believes that each student’s learning experience comes not only from the classroom, but also from their life outside the classroom. Living together in positive & supportive residential communities on campus is a critical component of that out-of-classroom learning experience. All students are encouraged to be involved in their residential communities by attending programs & snacks together and by getting to know & utilizing their student residential leaders.

Students interested in leadership opportunities in those communities are encouraged to apply for the following leadership roles:

  • Residential & House Activity Funds exist to help foster a sense of community with the upperclass residences through programming & social activities.  These funds are to be used to support a sense of community within the houses & campus.  This sense of community can be fostered in a number of ways, including snacks, dinners, movie nights, discussion groups, video-game tournaments, events, trips off-campus, etc.  There is a wide array of possibilities. The four Residential Life Teams (RLT’s) are expected to take the needs & interests of all of their residents into consideration in the year-long planning of programs supported by these funds, not just the needs of the majority.

    There are specific additional funds allocated for three signature programs, which are included in the RLT programming model.  They are Contests/Competitions, Life After Williams, and Williams After Dark.

    There are several purposes for which these funds are NOT to be used, including:

    • any activity that puts students or the community at risk or in danger
    • any activity that is offensive to the community
    • damages to campus property or a house, unless the damages are the direct result of an activity sponsored by the RLT or house.
    • items that will not stay with the RLT/house beyond that particular year
    • electronic/technology items
    • alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
    • pornography
    • strippers
    • gambling purposes

    If you have an expenditure that may fall into one of those categories (or any others that may be questionable), speak with the correlated Assistant Director for Residential Life & Housing to review the request in advance.

    Budget Management & Oversight

    These budgets are managed by the RLT’s under advisement & oversight from OSL. Final approval for all transactions lies with the College – specifically with the Assistant Directors for Residential Life & Housing and the Controller’s Office.

    Usage Procedures

    RLT members must follow specific procedures in order to utilize these funds.

    1. Submit the online Pcard Request Form to obtain a RLT Purchasing Card to use for expenditures.*
    2. Once submitted, you will receive an automated response via email that you have submitted your form.
    3. The Financial & Administrative Coordinator (Ivy Rodriguez) or the Housing Systems Coordinator (TBD) will contact you to let you know if you’ve been approved and when you may pick up the Pcard.
    4. Pick up the Pcard from OSL.
    5. Use the Pcard for your purchases.
    6. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION (including the DETAILED receipts from restaurants) for each purchase.
    7. Return the Pcard AND ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION for each purchase to OSL by the date/time you are expected to do so.

    * – If a Pcard is not an option for payment for a product or service provider, contact the correlating Assistant Director for Residential Life & Housing to arrange for a voucher or a cash advance.

    Misuse & Consequences

    Students who misuse these funds or a RLT Pcard in any way (inappropriate expenditures, overspending, failure to follow procedure, failure to submit receipts, etc.) may be held responsible for the expenditures through their student account, may lose the privilege of using College Pcards in the future, and may be referred to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary action.

  • This form is to be used by House Coordinators, Residential Life Team members, and Summer Housing Assistants only. To request a Pcard for a student organization, click here.

    Requests to use a RLT Pcard must be submitted in a timely fashion, preferably with the request submitted 24 hours before it is needed for pick-up. Last minute requests will be considered case by case.

    Approved request notification will be sent via email. Feel free to follow up with your request by contacting the correlated Assistant Director for Residential Life & Housing.

    The College’s funding rules apply to all Pcard purchases made for Residential Programs. If you are unsure of the rules, consult the Student Handbook or contact OSL.

    Residential student leaders may not make purchases without approval from the correlated Assistant Director for Residential Life & Housing.  If a Pcard purchase is made without the appropriate approval, the Pcard holder is personally liable for those expenditures.

    Questions?  Contact Patty Leahey Hays or Maddy Polidoro.