Currier Hall

  • Street Address: 14 Driscoll Hall Drive
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 34,285
  • Currier Neighborhood Hub House
  • Currier Floorplans

2018-2019 Info

  • Total Beds: 67
  • Single Rooms: 57
  • Double Rooms: 3
  • Flex Rooms: 2 (used as doubles)
  • 60% + 1 Gender Cap: 41
  • House Coordinator: Mikaela Topper ’21

Currier has a feel of “lived-in charm and days-gone-by.” Bluestone stairs showing years of foot erosion from former students take you to the upper floors with rooms arranged in suite-like style and curved common rooms at each end. Ground floor rooms boast high ceilings and some have French windows and doors – in fact, very tall students can actually stand in the fireplace in one of the larger double rooms, which also has a curious stone head affixed to the mantlepiece. A small kitchen on the ground floor can be used for modest food prep. Currier is the home of the famed Currier Ballroom, a beautiful programming space that features rich wood paneling, high ceilings, and a piano. The Ballroom is a great space for classy social events and has hosted many Cap-and-Bells productions, balls, costume parties, and fancy dinners.