Cyrus M. Dodd House

  • Street Address: 64 Mission Park Drive
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 31,705
  • Dodd Neighborhood Hub House
  • Dodd Floorplans

2018-2019 Info

  • Total Beds: 69
  • Single Rooms: 23
  • Double Rooms: 18
  • Flex Rooms: 5 (used as doubles)
  • 60% +1 Gender Cap: 42
  • House Coordinator: Moiz Rehan ’19

The former Williams Inn, Dodd is a white clapboard building located on the northeast side of the campus, comprised of singles and doubles – and almost every room has its own bathroom. Most Dodd rooms are large, and the house itself boasts hotel-like amenities, a spacious common area with a nice kitchen on the first floor, and a grand piano. Dodd Commons and the Gibson Room are also located on the first floor, and host a variety of events throughout the year, including the monthly Doddceum Dinners for faculty, staff, and Dodd Neighborhood members.