Morgan Hall

  • Street Address: 7 Spring Street
  • Total Approximate Square Feet: 24,432
  • Spencer Neighborhood
  • Morgan Floorplans (please note – the ground floor is included here, but all of the ground floor bedrooms are now used as temporary/emergency rooms and are not available for lotteries)

2018-2019 Info

  • Total Beds: 102
  • Single Rooms: 90
  • Double Rooms: 4
  • Flex Rooms: 2 (used as doubles)
  • 60% + 1 Gender Cap: 62
  • House Coordinator (floors 1 & 2): Olivia Carlson ’20 (fall semester), Annabelle Feist ’20 (spring semester)
  • House Coordinator (floors 3 & 4): Maria Fernanda Heredia ’20

Morgan Hall sits on the corner of Main and Spring Streets, in the center of Williamstown and the Williams campus, and very near the science complex and West College. Morgan’s ground floor offers a welcoming common space and a beautiful kitchen.

Please Note: the Lasell Bells are heard well by Morgan residents, and they cannot be turned off or adjusted, sorry!