Thompson Hall

  • Street Address: 172 Park Street
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 13,215
  • North Campus Area
  • Thompson Floorplans

2019-2020 Info

  • Total Beds: 32
  • Single Rooms: 18
  • Double Rooms: 4
  • Flex Rooms: 3 (used as doubles)
  • 60% + 1 Gender Cap: 20
  • Designated Quiet Housing
  • House Coordinator: Grace Yang ’22

Thompson is located behind Mission Park on the corner of Park Street & Lynde Lane. Formerly the College Infirmary (Health Center), Thompson has large central corridors lined with single and double rooms of varying size. Nice common rooms and a beautiful kitchen add to this house’s charm, as does the history. Thompson is close to Mission Park Dining Hall, the tennis courts, Tyler, and Tyler Annex.