Housing Appeals

All Williams students are expected to utilize the College’s regular housing assignment processes, and are expected to abide by all College policies and procedures having to do with housing. However, if a student has a significant diagnosis, condition, or situation that cannot be addressed via the regular processes or within College policies, they may request an appeal of those expectations by submitting the Housing Appeals form in the Housing Portal & following the process. Except as necessary to the decision-making process, all student information will be maintained as confidential.

Students should never request a Housing Appeal lightly. This process is not intended to provide an “easy-out” for a student to avoid participating in a regular process, to be exempted from housing policies, or to simply secure for oneself a better room than one already has. Any student who is found to have misrepresented their situation in a Housing Appeal may be denied by OCL from inclusion in a correlated regular housing assignment process, and may result in disciplinary action.

Please note:

  • The Housing Appeal Review Team (HART)’s decisions on appeal requests are final.
  • Deadlines are important and students are expected to adhere to them.
    • HART applications for the spring 2021 housing assignment processes are due on Monday, December 21 by 11:59pm eastern time.
  • Because the Williams campus is relatively small and general proximity from one side of campus to another is typically a 15-minute walk or less, close proximity to a campus resource as a request holds a very high bar for consideration, typically only for significant mobility issues.
  • Housing processes will not be delayed due to pending housing appeals.
  • For a request having to do with the upperclass lottery process, the student requestor may choose to reject an assignment made by HART and instead participate in a correlated lottery process.
  • For a request that results in a pre-assignment, the student requestor may bring up to five friends with them if the specific housing assignment allows it. The pull-ins will also be assigned by HART. Additional pull-ins may be considered if HART determines that the specific situation requires them.
  • First-Year Housing Assignments are NOT open for appeal once assignments have been made & conveyed to students, until at least the second full week of fall semester classes. Students who are considering an appeal regarding their first-year housing assignment after the second full week of fall semester classes are expected to have spoken with their JA’s and/or Dean Sewell prior to submitting the Housing Appeal form.

Requesting a Housing Appeal, Gathering Information
1. The student submits the online request form in the Housing Portal. (Log in, choose “Forms” in the purple bar, then select “Housing Appeal” & follow the instructions.)

2. After submission, the Housing & Residential Programs Assistant and/or the Assistant Director for Residential Life & Housing in OCL will review the request & will notify the college administrator that corresponds with the selection made on the form to connect the student & administrator to discuss the details of the request:

3. The administrator correlated to the request basis will reach out to the student to schedule a time to discuss the specifics of the request.

Housing Appeal Deliberation & Decision
During the academic year, a weekly meeting takes place (typically on Tuesdays) for the Housing Appeal Review Team (HART) to review requests & make decisions. Decisions are conveyed back to the student via email by OCL. The HART decision is final.