Mail Forwarding

mail-forwarding1aForwarding of USPS Mail and USPS Parcels:

Mail is forwarded for one year after graduation. This includes all First Class mail, but does not include the forwarding of magazines. You must notify the magazine publisher of your new address in order to keep receiving your subscription.

During the summer, mail is forwarded to your home address, unless other arrangements are made. Students staying on campus during the summer who wish to receive mail on campus must log into PeopleSoft between April 1 and the day before dorms close for returning students. Once in PeopleSoft, navigate to: Self Service > Campus Life > Mailroom Services and click the yellow button to keep your mailbox open for the summer.

Students studying abroad will have their mailboxes closed, and all first class mail will be forwarded to home addresses.

Note: UPS, FedEx and DHL do not offer forwarding service and require being sent back to the original sender.

Changing your Forwarding Address

Students are required to keep their forwarding address updated. This can be done by logging in to PeopleSoft and following the link to student address.