The Mailroom's Namesake


The Mailroom is named in honor of Jessica H. Park. Jessy has worked in the college’s mailroom since 1980. At the same time her paintings, known for their “heightened color sensitivity,” have drawn national recognition.

Despite having no formal training since graduating from Mt. Greylock Regional H.S., Jessy has been honored with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2003 and a National Artistic Achievement Award from the Shield Institute in New York City. Her work has been shown in New York City and elsewhere and been written about in such publications as ARTNEWS. One of Jessy’s pieces, “The Baxter Hall,” is installed in the student mailbox area of Paresky.

Jessy also is the subject of “The Siege,” written in 1967 by her mother Clara Claiborne Park, about the challenges of raising an autistic child. The development of Jessy’s painting skills as a means of communicating with the world was then detailed in the subsequent book “Exiting Nirvana.”