Picking Up Packages

Move-In 2Most packages received for students are processed through the Mailroom’s SQBX package management system. Students will receive a notification by email FROM THE MAILROOM when a package has been processed and is available for pick up.

  • USPS typically arrives in the morning, and first-class mail and smaller packages are distributed to mailboxes. Larger USPS packages are processed through SQBX.
  • FedEx, UPS and DHL are typically delivered throughout the day, and are all processed through SQBX.

Notification of package arrival by the carrier does NOT mean that your package is ready for pick-up. You MUST wait until we have processed your package and you have received an email FROM THE MAILROOM.

Student ID or Photo ID is required to retrieve a package. Another student will not be allowed to pick up a package for another student unless the student has notified the mailroom by email.