Sending Items via USPS

If you are sending something to a student via the United States Postal Service (USPS), use this address format:

  Name of Student (First, Middle Initial, Last)
  Student’s Mailbox # Paresky
  Williamstown, MA 01267


  Jane Q. Student
  1234 Paresky
  Williamstown, MA 01267

A complete return label must also be clearly marked on the item being sent.

Please note: because many students have the same last name, we ask that you include their middle initial. This will help us ensure proper receiving & delivery.

Ordering Via Credit-Card

When ordering items for a student using your credit card, be sure to include the student’s name and box number, in the form of c/o (in care of) in the address.

Weight Limit

The Mailroom will accept items up to 25 pounds. To ship items weighing more than 25 pounds, check with your carrier of choice to arrange your own receiving. The Mailroom reserves the right to return-to-sender any items weighing more than 25 pounds.

Size Limitations

Due to limited on-site secured storage space, the Mailroom accepts no responsibility for the security of these larger items.

Fall Semester Move-In

Due to limited on-site storage space, please do not ship any packages prior to August 18th.