House Coordinators

Self-noms for the 2018-2019 House Coordinator selection process will be available at the bottom of this page on Friday, Feb. 2nd.  They will be due by Monday, Feb. 19th.
House Coordinators are in-house residential leaders and are part of their Neighborhood Leadership Team (NLT).

Individual House Responsibilities

Each House Coordinator fulfills the following responsibilities in their individual houses:

  • creating & posting door decorations
  • personally welcoming all residents
  • maintaining & updating the house bulletin board
  • establishing house community standards regarding noise, common space usage, etc.
  • addressing housing damage & cleaning issues
  • providing in-house programming and house snacks
  • managing the individual house coordinator programming budget


Each House Coordinator Co-team fulfills the following responsibilities for their combined residential areas and are trained appropriately in order to facilitate residential community development:

  • wellness intervention, including suicide prevention
  • diversity & inclusion support & intervention
  • conflict mediation to assist with roommate and/or neighbor issues
  • provide in-house programming and house snacks

Neighborhood Responsibilities

Each of the four Neighborhoods has a Neighborhood Leadership Team (NLT), led by a student Neighborhood Director, with advisement and support from the Assistant Director for Residential Life and Housing in the Office of Student Life.  Each NLT consists of the Neighborhood’s six or seven student House Coordinators, the Faculty/Staff Program Advisor (F/SPA), the Neighborhood Director, and elected at-large rep(s).

The NLT is responsible for enhancing the academic, intellectual, cultural, and social environment for its Neighborhood.  In particular, the NLT addresses Neighborhood-wide residential/community issues, provides Neighborhood-wide programs, and vets requests by other groups to use Neighborhood residential spaces for programs.  Each NLT designates amongst its team roles such as acting as liaisons to campus offices for community support and programming opportunities.

In addition to individualized program/event plans created by Neighborhood, the NLT provides large-scale programming events for the following campus traditions:  Spirit Week and Homecoming, Winter Carnival and Spring Fling.

Leadership Development

Through this role, each House Coordinator develops & utilizes leadership skills such as problem-solving, conflict mediation, program planning & execution, teamwork, relationship-building and communication.

Eligibility, Selection, & Co-‘s

The House Coordinator Selection Committee (comprised of one member from OSL, one from the Dean’s Office, current F/SPA’s, a Davis Center representative, the current Neighborhood Directors, and the newly selected Neighborhood Directors) will select candidates to facilitate community development within individual houses and to participate in the NLT as noted above.   Preference will be given to House Coordinator candidates who are able to fulfill the role for all three terms (fall, winter study, spring).  There are a total of 27 House Coordinator positions.  Each House Coordinator will have one or two co-House Coordinators in order to support & assist each other with house issues as the need arises.  The numbers & co-‘s:

  • Currier Neighborhood
    • Currier (1) + Fitch (1)
    • East (1) + Fay (1)
    • Prospect (2)
  • Dodd Neighborhood
    • Dodd (1) + Hubbell/Parsons (1)
    • Lehman (1) + Goodrich/Sewall (1)
    • Thompson (1) + Tyler (1) + Tyler Annex (1)
  • Spencer Neighborhood
    • Spencer (1) + Brooks (1)
    • Horn Hall (1) + Agard (1)
    • Morgan (2) + West (1)
  • Wood Neighborhood
    • Garfield (1) + Wood (1) + Perry (1)
    • Carter (1) + Gladden (1)
    • Bryant (1) + Mark Hopkins (1)

Training & Participation Requirements

  • Newly selected House Coordinators will be expected to participate in facilitating the General Room Draw selection process, along with the newly selected Neighborhood Directors and the current NLT staff.
  • House Coordinators must return to campus early in August for fall training on Tuesday, August 20, 2018, no earlier than 2pm (date TBD each year) and must participate in its entirety.  Training will include day and evening sessions from Wednesday, August 22nd through Saturday, August 25th.  Members of the NLT should not schedule any other activities during this time or plan to spend time away from campus during training.
  • House Coordinators will be required to participate in facilitating fall check-in with the Office of Student Life after training/prior to the start of fall classes – this may include the following – assisting with student arrival to campus and check-in, and room and/or house inspections.  Other duties as assigned.
  • House Coordinators must meet with their Neighborhood Director regularly throughout each semester to discuss their house & NLT roles, issues, concerns.
  • House Coordinators must attend & participate in NLT Meetings (including snacks every other Sunday evening @ 10pm).  Each individual neighborhood team will meet weekly as coordinated by the Neighborhood Director.  The Neighborhood Directors will also coordinate All Staff meetings a few times a semester where all 4 neighborhoods meet as a team.
  • House Coordinators must participate in ongoing training opportunities as coordinated by the Assistant Director and the Neighborhood Directors.  This includes a training retreat day during winter study.
  • House Coordinators will formally meet with the Assistant Director one to two times per semester.

A budget will be provided for each House Coordinator to cover related house responsibility expenses.

House Coordinators reside in pre-designated rooms within the house they are managing, and may pull in friends into pre-designated rooms (rooms & number of friends are building-specific).  House Coordinators also receive a House Coordinator T-shirt.