Neighborhood Directors

ND selection meeting interviews will take place from Friday, Jan. 20th through Friday, Jan. 27th.

A student Neighborhood Director leads each of the four Neighborhood Leadership Teams (NLT).

For Winter Study & Spring Semester 2017, they are:
  • Currier:  Lauren Steele ’18
  • Dodd:  Jose Lopez ’17
  • Spencer:  Sierra Betts ’17
  • Wood:  Jackie Orr ’17


Neighborhood Directors meet with the Assistant Director weekly.

Neighborhood Directors are members of EComm which meets weekly.

Each Neighborhood Director mentors, advises, & supports the House Coordinators by:

  • Assisting the Assistant Director with House Coordinator and NLT Training.
  • Being available to meet with each House Coordinator throughout the semester to discuss their house & NLT role, issues and/or concerns.
  • Coordinating & Leading NLT Meetings (weekly meetings with individual neighborhood staff and scheduling All Staff meetings throughout the semester where all 4 neighborhoods meet as a team).
  • Being available at traditional snack time (Sunday evenings at 10pm) to support and facilitate House snacks with House Coordinators, hold neighborhood meetings, and/or neighborhood events.
  • Reviewing requests for residential space reservations in collaboration with House Coordinators.

Each Neighborhood Director is responsible to ensure program development, execution, & evaluation by:

  • Advising & supporting the NLT members in their Neighborhood programming roles and liaison roles with campus offices.
  • Providing support & direction on programming expectations.
  • Delegating program support responsibilities to NLT members.
  • Evaluating the program planning & execution through an assessment tool provided by the Assistant Director for Residential Life and Housing.
  • Managing the overall Neighborhood budget and assisting House Coordinators with managing their individual house budgets.

Leadership Development

Through this role, each Neighborhood Director develops & utilizes leadership skills such as training, team-building, advising, task delegation, problem-solving, program management, staff accountability & evaluation.

Eligibility & Selection

Rising juniors & seniors are eligible, NLT experience preferred.  Interested students must submit a self-nomination form and the name of a reference to be contacted by OSL.  A committee comprised of one member from OSL, one from the Dean’s Office, one current Faculty/Staff Program Advisor, one Davis Center staff member, one representative from Campus Safety & Security and one College Council student appointee, will interview the candidates and make the selections.

Training & Participation Requirements

  • Newly selected Neighborhood Directors are expected to participate in the selection process of House Coordinators for the academic year during which they will be Neighborhood Directors (typically taking place in February and March).
  • Newly selected Neighborhood Directors will be expected to assist in facilitating the General Room Draw selection process, along with the newly selected House Coordinator staff and current NLT members.
  • Neighborhood Directors must participate in spring training (ideally, immediately after the conclusion of final exams).
  • Neighborhood Directors must return to campus early in August (Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, no earlier than 2pm) for fall training, both to participate and to assist the Assistant Director in facilitation (specific date TBD annually).
  • Neighborhood Directors must assist the Assistant Director to facilitate ongoing training opportunities for the House Coordinators.
  • Neighborhood Directors must be able to fulfill the role for all three terms (fall, winter study, spring).

Neighborhood Directors have first-choice of housing within their Neighborhood’s available housing stock, and may pull in up to three friends into rooms in close proximity.  They also receive a Neighborhood Director T-shirt.