The Neighborhoods

Williams’ residence halls for sophomores, juniors, and seniors are organized into four Neighborhoods, each led by a Neighborhood Leadership Team (NLT).

The Neighborhood Leadership Team (NLT)

Each of the four Neighborhoods has a Neighborhood Leadership Team (NLT), led by a student Neighborhood Director, with advisement and support from the Assistant Director for Residential Life and Housing in the Office of Student Life.  Each NLT consists of the Neighborhood’s six or seven student House Coordinators, two elected at-large student representatives and the Faculty Program Director.

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The NLT is responsible for enhancing the academic, intellectual, cultural, and social environment for its Neighborhood.  In particular, the NLT addresses Neighborhood-wide residential/community issues, provides Neighborhood-wide programs, and vets requests by other groups to use Neighborhood residential spaces for programs.  Each NLT designates amongst its team roles such as acting as liaisons to campus offices for community support and programming opportunities.  The NLT’s enhance the close-knit community at Williams, foster opportunities for students, faculty and staff to get to know one another, and encourage diverse programming.  Students are integral in making the Neighborhoods successful, so everyone is encouraged to get involved!  Spread Neighborhood pride!  Participate in and enjoy the events!  Better yet, become a residential leader as a member of your Neighborhood Leadership Team!

Neighborhood Fair Currier
Director – Lauren Steele ’18
Faculty/Staff Program Advisor – Marybeth Mitts
Room Draw Dodd 2
Director – Jose Lopez ’17
Faculty Program Advisor – Professor Catherine Kealhofer



Room Draw Spencer
Director – Sierra Betts ’17
Faculty Program Director – Professor Steven Miller
Room Draw Wood
Director – Jackie Orr ’17
Faculty/Staff Program Advisors – Randy Fippinger and Janine Hetherington