Dodd Neighborhood

Dodd, Goodrich, Hubbell, Lehman, Parsons, Sewall, Tyler, Tyler Annex, & Thompson comprise Dodd Neighborhood.  Dodd Neighborhood is near Sawyer Library, Hollander Hall, Schapiro Hall, Cole Field, and Mission Park.

Dodd’s color is green and its mascot is the dalmatian.

Dodd Neighborhood Leadership Team 2016-2017

  • Jose Lopez ’17, Neighborhood Director
  • Professor Catherine Kealhofer, Faculty Program Advisor
  • Samantha Polsky ’17, House Coordinator for Dodd
  • Walford Campbell ’17, House Coordinator for Goodrich/Sewall
  • Margaret Draper ’17, House Coordinator for Hubbell/Parsons
  • Maryanne Masibo ’19, House Coordinator for Lehman
  • Jillian Jenkin ’19, House Coordinator for Thompson
  • Gibson Donnan ’19, House Coordinator for Tyler
  • Anna Cuellar-Parajon ’19, House Coordinator for Tyler Annex
  • Grant Johnson ’17, At-Large Representative

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