Wood Neighborhood

Bryant, Carter, Garfield, Gladden, Mark Hopkins, Perry, and Wood comprise Wood Neighborhood.  Wood Neighborhood is located near the Science Quad, the ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance, the Health Center, and the Clark Art Institute.

Wood’s color is yellow, and its mascot is the giraffe.

Wood Leadership 2016-2017

  • Jackie Orr ’17, Neighborhood Director
  • Randy Fippinger, Faculty/Staff Program Advisor
  • Janine Hetherington, Faculty/Staff Program Advisor
  • Coly Elhai ’19, House Coordinator for Bryant
  • Anna Sun ’19, House Coordinator for Carter
  • Anna Leonard ’19, House Coordinator for Garfield
  • Jacob Kahrs ’19, House Coordinator for Gladden
  • Ryan Kelley ’19, House Coordinator for Mark Hopkins
  • Tess Richman ’19, House Coordinator for Perry
  • Roberto Cellini ’16\9, House Coordinator for Wood
  • Syed Hussain U. Fareed Bukhari ’18, At-Large Representative
  • Melani Ortega ’19, At-Large Representative