Study-Away & Room Share

If you have been accepted to a Study Away program, you will receive information from the Office of Student Life about departing and returning to campus. Included in this information will be application and deadline information for any/all upcoming housing processes. Please be sure to read all emails from the Office of Student Life as this will be our way of communicating this information.

A Study-Away Room Share is when two students (one studying away in the fall and one studying away in the spring) arrange to hand off the room from one semester to the other during the same academic year.

The process for Study-Away Room Share for the 2016-2017 academic year will take place from October 31 – November 10, 2016. The form to submit will be found at the bottom of this page during this time.


  • Even if you’ve already had a verbal agreement with another student to do this, be sure to submit the form.
  • You may only be in one Room Share.
  • If you arrange a Room Share and you are both on-campus during Winter Study, the student returning from study-away will participate in the December lottery to select a room to use just during Winter Study, after which they will move to the Room Share room for the spring.  (Keep in mind, the temporary room could very likely be a shared double due to limited housing availability.)
  • If the room’s current occupant’s study-away plans change, the Room Share is no longer valid and the current occupant retains the room.

“I’m returning, but I can’t/didn’t make a Room Share arrangement.  How do I get a housing assignment?”

You’ll participate in the December Mini-Lottery (for students returning as of Winter Study), or the January Mini-Lottery (for students returning as of Spring Semester).  Information on the December Mini-Lottery will go out on November 28, and information on the January Mini-Lottery will go out on January 9.

Questions?  Contact Gail Rondeau Hebert, Housing Coordinator.