Lottery Holds & Key Holds

Various offices on campus may place a hold on any student’s eligibility to participate in a housing lottery/room draw and/or on their eligibility to receive the key/code to their room when they move in. Student Health Services, the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, the Dean’s Office, Facilities, Environmental Safety & Compliance, Campus Safety, and the Office of Student Life all have authority to place a lottery and/or key hold on your PeopleSoft account. Typical reasons include but are not limited to: incomplete paperwork, late payments, unpaid parking tickets, disciplinary issues, etc.

Students with a Lottery Hold on their account are ineligible to participate in housing lottery/draw processes until the Lottery Hold has been released. Students with a Key Hold may have their room key/code held upon moving into their room until the Key Hold has been released.

To find out if you have a Lottery and/or Key Hold on your account, look in PeopleSoft Self-Service. It’ll also note the office(s) which placed the hold on your account.

To get a Lottery or Key Hold released, contact the office(s) which placed the Hold on your account. Once they confirm with OSL that the situation is taken care of, the hold will be released.