James A. Garfield House

  • Street Address: 45 South Street
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 12,985
  • Wood Neighborhood
  • Garfield Floorplans

2017-2018 Info

  • Total Beds: 40
  • Single Rooms: 28
  • Double Rooms: 6
  • 60% Gender Cap: 24
  • House Coordinator: Maria Mejia ’20

Garfield offers a lot of common space on the first floor, and a kitchen and billiard room can be found on the ground floor. In the nice weather, Garfield’s spacious south lawn is great for barbecues, pick-up soccer games, or lying in the sun. In the winter, the hill up to the house is a great spot for sledding. Garfield is located near Wood and the Center for Development Economics.