Washington Gladden House

  • Street Address: 44 North Street
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 27,082
  • Wood Neighborhood
  • Gladden Floorplans

2016-2017 Info

  • Total Beds: 88
  • Single Rooms: 84
  • Double Rooms: 2
  • 60% Gender Cap: 53
  • House Coordinator: Jacob Kahrs ’19

Gladden is one of four houses known as the Greylock Quad. Gladden rooms boast huge windows that look over the quad, towards the Williamstown Town Hall, and north towards the mountains. Residents will find singles arranged into suites with common rooms, and a nice kitchen. Gladden is close to the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, and the quad has an easy-access path that leads to the Paresky Center.