Perry House

  • Street Address: 1017 Main Street
  • Total Approximate Square Footage: 20,000
  • Wood Neighborhood
  • Perry Floorplans

2017-2018 Info

  • Total Beds: 24
  • Single Rooms: 13
  • Double Rooms: 5
  • Flex Rooms: 1 (used as a single)
  • 60% Gender Cap: 14
  • House Coordinator: Roberto Cellini ’19

Perry has a lot of common space on the first floor, including a beautiful library that’s great for studying and resting, and an inner room known as the Goat Room, which is used for events & fancy dinners.  A grand staircase takes you to the upstairs rooms.  Perry is located on the corner of Stetson Court near Wood House, Weston Hall, and the Jewish Religious Center.