Sewall House

  • Street Address: 49 Mission Park Drive
  • Total Approximate Square Feet: 3,000
  • Dodd Neighborhood
  • Sewall Floorplans

2017-2018 Info

  • Total Beds: 11
  • Single Rooms: 6
  • Double Rooms: 2
  • Flex Rooms: 1 (used as a single)
  • 60% Gender Cap: 7
  • House Coordinator: Allegra Simon ’18 (resides next door in Goodrich)

Sewall has been described by those who have lived there, as a place that truly feels like living in a home. However, there are no true common rooms except the kitchen and dining area. Sewall is located close to Dodd, Goodrich House, Stetson-Sawyer Library, and the Center for Environmental Studies/Zilkha Center.