Pcard Request Form - Student Activities

This form is to be used by College Council-recognized student organizations only.  To request a Pcard as a House Coordinator or member of your Neighborhood Leadership Team, click here.

IMPORTANT: The only member of a student organization who can request a p-card, is the Financial Officer. They can request a card to be picked up by a different individual, but MUST be the one to submit the request.

Requests to use a Student Activities generic Pcard must be submitted 24 HOURS before the card is needed. Last minute requests will be considered case by case, but cards may not be available last minute.

Approved request notification will be sent via email. Feel free to follow up with your request by contacting Benjamin Lamb  in the Office of Student Life.

College Council’s funding rules apply to all Pcard purchases made on behalf of student organizations. If you are unsure of CC’s rules, contact the current CC Treasurer, Web Farabow

Pcard users will not make purchases for student organizations without CC’s approval. If a Pcard purchase is made without CC’s approval, the Pcard user is personally liable for all expenditures denied by the CC Treasurer. When reconciling charges, Pcard users cannot allocate charges to student organization accounts without acquiring the CC Treasurer’s signature.

Organization department ID #s can be found HERE

Questions?  Contact Ben Lamb in the Office of Student Life.

Student Organization P-Card Request Form

This form must be submitted at least 48 hours before a p-card is needed for your STUDENT ORGANIZATION in order to ensure you will have the card available for your use. Certain times of the year we will have too many requests for cards which may result in an inability to give you a card on the date you need it.
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 5000.
  • REMINDER: You can hold a p-card for ONLY 24 hours (or a full weekend if picked up on Friday)
  • Please provide detail of what you are purchasing for your event/program
  • This is the person actually using the P-Card (NOT necessarily the person filling this form out)