Student Organization New Registration

Students, this form is an application for recognition, not a recognition in itself. A committee of representatives from College Council, the Office of Student Life, the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration, and Athletics will meet to review your application and any materials provided, and will notify the contact listed below once they have reached a decision. Until approved, the group is not allowed to meet under the College name or receive/use College funding or resources.

Please complete this application and upload any other pertinent information (including constitutions, by-laws, mission statement, budget proposals, etc.) If possible, please a completed constitution draft, a template for which can be found here Constitution Template 

Please note that, once approved and recognized by the College, all information, except for the membership information, is public and may be reproduced in publications. Registration with and recognition by Williams College should not be considered as endorsement of the purposes or beliefs of the student organization or its members.

Williams College reserves the right to grant, refuse, and/or suspend recognition to any student organization. Failure to adhere to Williams College policies and failure to maintain recognition will result in the lost of recognition and funding for the academic year.

Recognition as having “Active Status” must be renewed every year in order to have access to funds, facilities, and resources provided by the College.  To renew “Active Status,” your organization is required to do the following:

1. Attend the annual Student Organization Summit in the fall.
2. Table at the yearly Purple Key Fairs (you may also table in the Paresky Center two times to waive this requirement, should the timing of the group’s recognition as a student organization not permit tabling at the Purple Key Fair).

3. Share the college’s Anti Hazing Policy with your membership at the beginning of the year and sign the Williams College Student Organization Leadership Anti-Hazing Agreement annually
4. Submit the Re-Registration form annually, keeping all records up-to-date with the Office of Student Life.

Questions?  Contact Ben Lamb, Assistant Director for Student Involvement.