Student Organization Re-Registration


The deadline to re-register was August 1st, 2016. If you did not re-register your pre-existing student organization by the deadline, or if you wish to work on creating a NEW student organization, you will need to fill out the New Organization Registration Form here. This will help to initiate the process by which your group can gain/regain recognition by the college.

Once your group is re-registered, you will need to complete the following requirements to remain in good standing for the duration of the year.

1. Attend one of the Student Organization Summits offered in the fall.

2. Table at the Fall Purple Key Fair and the Spring Wet Feet Week or Spring Purple Key Fair (you may also table in the Paresky Center two times to waive this requirement, should the timing of the group’s recognition as a student organization not permit tabling at the Purple Key Fair). *Completion of the re-registration form automatically signs you up for the Purple Key Fair*

3. Submit this Re-Registration form, keeping all records up-to-date with the Office of Student Life through the Mid-Year Leadership Change Form.

4. Provide an updated constitution annually in your re-registration form

5. Submit the Williams College Student Organization AntiHazing Agreement 2016-2017 form to the Office of Student Life annually after sharing the information it includes with your membership (No later than October 1st), and adhere to the Anti-Hazing Policy of the college and the Anti-Hazing Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

6. Submit a full organization roster of ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS (refer to your individual constitution/supporting documents to determine who falls into this categorization) using the Student Organization Roster form (No later than October 20th)

7. Maintain up-to-date records using your organizations designated Google Drive folder administered by the office or department that recognizes your organization on behalf of the college.

8. When traveling, you MUST fill out the Student Transportation Log. Failure to do so may result in revoked funding for travel.

9. Abide by all college policy and procedure as a recognized entity. Failure to do so may result in removal of your designation as a recognized student organization and revocation of the support that includes (i.e. funding, space reservation, administrative support). Links to several important components of college policy relating to RSO operation can be found on the Student Organization Resource Guide

If you are registering a new organization, click here.

Questions?  Contact Ben Lamb, Assistant Director for Student Involvement.