RSO Funding & Expenditures

RSO’s that have budgets from College Council are expected to utilize the funds granted to them for the stated RSO’s purposes.

There are several purposes for which these funds are NOT to be used, including:

  • any activity that puts students or the community at risk or in danger
  • any activity that is offensive to the community
  • damages to a house/venue being used
  • items that will not stay with the RSO beyond that particular year
  • electronic/technology items
  • alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
  • pornography
  • strippers
  • gambling purposes

Budget Management & Oversight

RSO budgets are managed by the organization’s leadership and overseen by College Council under advisement & oversight from the Office of Student Life. Final approval for all transactions lies with College Council and the College – specifically with the Assistant Director for Student Organizations & Involvement (Ben Lamb) and the Controller’s Office.

Usage Procedures

RSO members must follow specific procedures in order to utilize their funds.

  1. Submit the online Pcard Request Form to obtain an OSL Purchasing Card to use for expenditures.*
  2. Once submitted, you will receive an automated response via email that you have submitted your form.
  3. The Administrative Assistant (Ivelisse Rodriguez) from OSL will contact you to let you know if you’ve been approved and when you may pick up the Pcard.
  4. Pick up the Pcard from OSL.
  5. Use the Pcard for your purchases.
  6. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION (including the DETAILED receipts from restaurants) for each purchase.
  7. Return the Pcard AND ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION for each purchase to OSL by the date/time you are expected to do so.

* – If a Pcard is not an option for payment for a product or service provider, contact the Assistant Director for Student Organizations & Involvement (Ben Lamb) to arrange for a voucher or a cash advance.

Misuse & Consequences

Students who misuse these funds or an OSL Pcard in any way (inappropriate expenditures, overspending, failure to follow procedure, failure to submit receipts, etc.) may be held responsible for the expenditures through their student account, and may be referred to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary action.

Soliciting Alumni, Foundations, & Other Sources for Funds

Students who wish to raise money for any RSO, program, or activity through the solicitation of alumni, foundations, or other non-College sources of funds must request advance approval by contacting the Assistant Director for Student Organizations & Involvement (Ben Lamb) in the Office of Student Life at least two weeks in advance. Most fundraising of this type requires approval from the Dean’s Office, the Provost, and the Vice President for College Relations.