The Intramural Sports (IM) program is designed to build community at Williams while giving students the opportunity to participate in athletics outside of the competitive world of varsity sports.  Intramurals are not intercollegiate, and are open to all Williams students and faculty.

Intramurals are run through Participants are able to create and customize teams, view schedules, scores and standings, and track playoffs. ALL students who play on an intramural team are required to register at in order to join the team and view team information.

There are three IM seasons: fall, typically lasting from mid-September to early November; winter, which takes place during winter study; and spring, from late March to early May.  The number of games varies by season and sport, but there are usually no more than two games per week.  Students are welcome to sign up as a team, or as an individual, and can do so by following the links to the entry forms for each sport listed below.


Ben Lamb, Assistant Director for Student Involvement – Student Organizations