Leadership & Identity Development


While many students learn from hands-on experience as student leaders with their organization, residence hall community, athletic team, etc., there are students who want to learn more about leadership and identity to enhance their experience.

The Office of Student Life assists students with their leadership development by providing resources, skills, training, creative solutions and guidance to develop as programmers, student organizers, peer leaders, and eventually responsible citizens through out of the class experiences that provide tools and real-world knowledge.

The Office of Student Life also assists students with their identity development, by designing and providing opportunities to develop a thorough understanding and appreciation for themselves, their contributions and responsibilities to the college and outlying community, and their role as a member of the globalized world so that they may develop as advocates, humanitarians, leaders, and responsible citizens.

  • Life After Williams

    What comes after leaving Williams College? This is a question lots of students ask themselves, and many of which do so in the final moments of their time as members of the college community. Life After Williams is a series of dinners dedicated to help answer that precise question. Bringing together students, staff and administrators in an intimate dining experience, Life After Williams aims to help students figure out some of the “real world” skills that come with being a college graduate. Topics such as Benefits and Savings, Finding Housing, Living the “Liberal Arts”, and Finding YOUR Community are just a few examples of the topics the dinners tackle.

    During the latter half of the Spring semester, five to six dinners are hosted in Dodd Dining Hall. Generally dinners are limited to 30 students, with at least five staff or administrators present. One “keynote” staff/admin kicks off the dinner with a brief introduction to the evening’s topic, then allowing individual tables to continue the discussion to get those dwelling questions answered. Having grown since it’s inception 2 years ago, this program has become a very popular source of insight and guidance as students begin to discover where they will be in the world after their time here at Williams.