Frosh Leadership Weekend

Frosh Leadership Weekend Frosh Leadership Weekend 2

As first year students are initially filtering in to the various leadership roles on campus, Frosh Leadership Weekend offers them an opportunity to engage with each other and the local community while developing leadership skills together. The program is based on a peer mentorship model, whereby it is co-led by sophomores who were either attendees of the prior year’s program, or simply sophomore leaders interested in helping the rising class of first year students become better leaders. In collaboration with these sophomores, a program consisting of leadership workshops, team building activities, a group overnight, and a final culminating service trip produce a jam packed weekend of activity, leadership development, and group bonding.

Students that have gone through the program have moved on to take central leadership positions both inside the classroom and out. With such a strong emphasis on paying it forward by leading the year after you attend, the passing of both experience and institutional memory helps to create a tradition in developing one another’s potential.