RSO Resource Guide

This page includes a basic set of links to a variety of integral components in order for your Williams College Recognized Student Organization (RSO) to exist and thrive here at the College. Please be sure to read through everything carefully if you are looking to create, or become a leader of, an organization recognized by an administrative office or department here at Williams College. Please note, this page is subject to change and should be regularly reviewed by RSO leadership to ensure compliance and awareness of policies and resources.

Section 1 – Becoming and Being “Recognized”

Formation and Recognition


Section 2 – Organization Upkeep Responsibilities


Student Organization Summit

Purple Key Fair Participation

Financial Officer Training

Maintain Updated Organization Leadership

Document Organization Roster

Section 3 – College Policies to Note

Event Planning

Visiting Speakers and Contractors

Travel as an RSO

Section 4 – College Resources

Print Cards

Supplemental Funding Request

College Vehicles

Room Scheduler/Reservations

Section 5 – Davis Center Support Organization Specific Items

DC Contract and Funding Requests

DC Programming Guide

Section 6 – Center for Learning in Action Specific Items

CLiA Opportunities

Section 7 – Zilkha Center Specific Items

Zilkha Student Organizations

Section 8 – Chaplain’s Office Specific Items

Chaplain’s Office Advised Organizations

Chaplain’s Office Space Usage

Meal Point Donations/Fundraising