Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Williams has many registered student organizations (RSOs). If you can’t find an RSO you’re looking to engage in, you can apply to start your own. The links below include integral components for your RSO to exist & thrive at Williams. Be sure to read through everything carefully if you are looking to create, become a leader of, or get involved in, a Williams RSO.

Williams College reserves the right to grant, refuse, and/or suspend recognition to any student organization. Failure to adhere to Williams College policies and/or failure to maintain “Active Status” may result in removal of RSO designation and revocation of the correlating support (i.e. funding, space reservations, administrative support).

Questions about RSOs? Contact Kris Hoey, Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Club Sports.


    All RSOs are responsible to do ALL of the following:

    1. Abide by all college polices and procedures.
    2. Abide by all RSO Financial Policies & Responsibilities.
    3. Submit the Student Organization Annual Registration Form including an updated constitution (Annually by August 15).
    4. Submit the RSO Anti-Hazing Agreement form to the Office of Student Life after sharing the information with your membership. (Annually by October 1).
    5. Submit the RSO Roster Submission (refer to your individual constitution/supporting documents to determine who falls into this categorization) (Annually by October 20).
    6. Submit the Mid-Year Leadership Change form when leadership changes at any time during the academic year.
    7. Maintain up-to-date records using your organizations designated Google Drive folder administered by the office or department that recognizes your organization on behalf of the college.
    8. When traveling, you MUST submit the Student Transportation Log. Failure to do so may result in revoked funding for travel.
    9. Attend one of the Student Organization Summits offered each fall semester.
    10. Table at the Fall Purple Key Fair (completion of the Annual Re-Registration form automatically sings you up for this.)
    11. Table at Spring Wet Feet Week, or Spring Purple Key Fair, or in the Paresky Center two times during the academic year.
  • Students, the form below is an application for RSO recognition, not a recognition in itself. A committee of representatives from College Council, the Office of Student Life, the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration, and Athletics will meet to review your application and any materials provided, and will notify the contact included on the form once a decision has been reached. Until approved, the group is not allowed to meet under the College name or receive/use College funding or resources.

    Please complete this application and upload any other pertinent information (including mission statement, budget proposals, etc.). After you have submitted this form, the Vice President for Student Organizations will send you the constitution template needed to draft your proposed organization constitution & by-laws.

    Please note that, once approved and recognized by the College as a RSO:

    • all information, except for the membership information, is public and may be reproduced in publications,
    • registration with and recognition by Williams College should not be considered as endorsement of the purposes or beliefs of the student organization or its members,
    • all RSO Basic Responsibilities (see above) must be adhered to and appropriate form submissions for the first year turned in by a date determined by OSL,
    • RSO “Active Status” must be renewed every year in order to have access to funds, facilities, and resources provided by the College.  To renew “Active Status,” your RSO is required to follow the process for Maintaining RSO Active Status & Annual Re-Registration (see below), by August 1 just prior to the start of that academic year.
  • All Registered Student Organizations must complete the Annual Registration Process. The deadline to register your pre-existing RSO is August 15, 2019.  In order to complete this process please utilize the following link:

    Annual Registration Form

    If you wish to register a new organization, please use the New Student Organization Registration form.

  • Information regarding College Council Funding can be found at the following link.

    All questions regarding College Council Funding should be directed to the College Council Treasurer in email at [email protected].

  • All RSOs that wish to participate in the Purple Key Fair at Towne Field House on Thursday, September 5, 2019 must submit the following request form by August 24, 2019.

    Purple Key Fair Registration Form

  • All RSOs that wish to participate in the Jamboree at Chapin Hall on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 must submit the following request form by August 24, 2019.

    Jamboree Registration Form

  • RSO Roster Submission For is is now open.  Please make sure to submit your updated roster by Friday, October 19, 2018.

  • RSO’s that have budgets from College Council are expected to utilize the funds granted to them for the stated RSO’s purposes.

    There are several purposes for which these funds are NOT to be used, including:

    • any activity that puts students or the community at risk or in danger
    • any activity that is offensive to the community
    • damages to a house/venue being used
    • items that will not stay with the RSO beyond that particular year
    • electronic/technology items
    • alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
    • pornography
    • strippers
    • gambling purposes

    Budget Management & Oversight

    RSO budgets are managed by the organization’s leadership and overseen by College Council under advisement & oversight from the Office of Student Life. Final approval for all transactions lies with College Council and the College – specifically with OSL and the Controller’s Office.

    Usage Procedures

    RSO members must follow specific procedures in order to utilize their funds.

    1. Submit the online Pcard Request Form a minimum of two business days in advance to obtain an OSL Purchasing Card to use for expenditures.*
    2. Once submitted, you will receive an automated response via email that you have submitted your form.
    3. The Administrative Assistant (Ivelisse Rodriguez) from OSL will contact you to let you know if you’ve been approved and when you may pick up the Pcard.
    4. Pick up the Pcard from OSL.
    5. Use the Pcard for your purchases.
    6. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION (including the DETAILED receipts from restaurants) for each purchase.
    7. Return the Pcard AND ALL RECEIPTS/CONTRACTS/DOCUMENTATION for each purchase to OSL by the date/time you are expected to do so.

    * – If a Pcard is not an option for payment for a product or service provider, contact the Associate Director for Student Life  (Mike Bodnarik) to arrange for a voucher or a cash advance.

    Misuse & Consequences

    Students who misuse these funds or a Pcard in any way (inappropriate expenditures, overspending, failure to follow procedure, failure to submit receipts, etc.) may be held responsible for the expenditures through their student account, and may be referred to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary action.

    Soliciting Alumni, Foundations, & Other Sources for Funds

    Students who wish to raise money for any RSO, program, or activity through the solicitation of alumni, foundations, or other non-College sources of funds must request advance approval by contacting the Associate Director (Mike Bodnarik) in the Office of Student Life at least two weeks in advance. Most fundraising of this type requires approval from the Dean’s Office, the Provost, and the Vice President for College Relations.

  • This form is to be used by College Council RSO’s only.  To request a Pcard as a House Coordinator or member of your Neighborhood Leadership Team, click here.

    IMPORTANT: The only member of a RSO who can request a Pcard, is the Financial Officer. They can request a card to be picked up by a different individual, but MUST be the one to submit the request.

    Requests to use a Pcard must be submitted a minimum of two business days in advance before the card is needed. Last minute requests will be considered case by case, but cards may not be available last minute.

    Approved request notification will be sent via email. Feel free to follow up with your request by contacting Ellen Rougeau in the Office of Student Life.

    College Council’s funding rules apply to all Pcard purchases made on behalf of student organizations. If you are unsure of CC’s rules, contact the current CC Treasurer, Jamie Vaccaro.

    Pcard users will not make purchases for RSO’s without CC’s approval. If a Pcard purchase is made without CC’s approval, the Pcard user is personally liable for all expenditures denied by the CC Treasurer. When reconciling charges, Pcard users cannot allocate charges to RSO accounts without acquiring the CC Treasurer’s signature.

    RSO department ID #s can be found HERE

    Student Organization P-Card Request Form 2019-2020

    This form must be submitted at least two business days before a p-card is needed for your STUDENT ORGANIZATION in order to ensure you will have the card available for your use. Certain times of the year we will have too many requests for cards which may result in an inability to give you a card on the date you need it.
    • Please enter a number from 0 to 5000.
    • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
      REMINDER: You can hold a p-card for ONLY 24 hours (or a full weekend if picked up on Friday)
    • Please provide a detailed list of what you are purchasing for your event/program. This must be specific
    • This is the person actually using the P-Card (NOT necessarily the person filling this form out)
  • If your RSO is traveling while representing Williams College, the below form is required as it provides key information so that the college may assist you in case of any issues during your travel (i.e. weather, accidents, emergency communication, etc.) Additionally, using this information as assessment data, the college can look to provide resources to support RSO’s as well as they can if it is found that current resources don’t suffice.

    Please fill the form out completely prior to your departure to ensure that your travel is as successful, safe and supported as possible. This can be done immediately at the time of departure, as long as it is completely before you actually leave campus.