Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures apply to the venues managed by OSL (Paresky, Goodrich, Greylock, Dodd Commons).  Additional policies and procedures may also apply, from Dining Services and from the Dance Department (Goodrich).  Contact those offices for more details on their policies and procedures.

Reserving Space

The following is the process for requesting the use of one of these spaces. Some events and/or spaces will require additional custodial support, at a cost (see the section on Custodial Support).


The online room scheduler (EMS) should be used to reserve all spaces except Dining Services locations in Paresky. Requests are typically considered on a first-come, first-served basis. There are considerations for each type of space, and questions should be directed to the Operations Coordinator:

  • Classrooms (112, 114, 207, 210, 220): priority is given to academic courses between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.
  • Lounges (Henze Fireplace Lounge, Class of ’58 Lounge, Leutkemeyer Lounge, Baxter Hall): as open spaces the noise, traffic, and capacity impact of events in these spaces will limit their use.
  • Porch: as an open air space, the porch may be used for tabling or events insofar as egress from the building, sound into the outlying community, and normal operations are not impacted.

To request spaces primarily utilized by Dining Services, contact Dining Services directly.

Most events involving alcohol in Paresky must be held in the ’82 Grill.


To request spaces in Goodrich, use the online room scheduler (EMS). Please note: Goodrich spaces are typically booked on a first-come, first-served basis. At the discretion of the Operations Coordinator, any functions that do not mainly involve faculty, staff, or students will not be permitted to be held in Goodrich Hall (alumni are not considered as students). This rule is the result of a decision made by the administration to ensure that the building is always available to students who wish to use it. All events utilizing Payne Hall (Great Room) or the Wightman Mezzanine level must be free and open to all members of the Williams community.

Any event being marketed in a way that degrades or negatively highlights the facility or increases risk of damage or incident will not be permitted to occur at the discretion of the Operations Coordinator.

Events with alcohol in Goodrich – A 10-day advance notice is required on reservations for events with alcohol, of which notice via Event Notification is sufficient. Factors influencing the decision to permit alcohol include: 1) whether or not alcohol is a suitable / appropriate inclusion into the event (i.e. a first year alcoholic event would not be approved), 2) whether or not alcohol is the primary focus of the event, 3) whether or not there is another suitable location in which the event can be held, and 4) whether or not the event falls within the time period in which classes are scheduled. The decision of the Operations Coordinator is final. Failure to schedule an alcoholic event at least 10 days prior to the date of the event will result in a $50 fine if the event is approved.

To request spaces primarily utilized by the Dance Department, contact the Dance Department directly.


To request to use the 2nd floor of Greylock, use the online room scheduler (EMS). At the discretion of the Operations Coordinator, any functions that do not mainly involve faculty, staff, or students will not be permitted to be held in Greylock (alumni are not considered as students).


It is not appropriate for patrons to leave messes in the buildings. All patrons are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave the space they occupied in good condition.

Anyone reserving a space is responsible for ensuring the space is tidy after their class, meeting or event concludes. Should a facility be open and utilized without a reservation in the online room scheduler (i.e. classroom), the parties utilizing the space are still responsible for ensuring the space is tidy. If additional custodial support is deemed necessary due to inadequate clean-up, the organizer and/or affiliated group will be charged fines and fees accordingly.

All student offices should be kept orderly, welcoming and clean. They may not be used for summer storage.


  • Failure to return furniture to its original or to a satisfactory state: $75 or Facilities cost to return furniture to its proper state, whichever is greater.
  • Failing to clean up and dispose of the trash after a meeting or event: $100 (unless arrangements were made in advance to pay for additional custodial support)
  • Failing to mop up any spills (including spills on the floor as well as on any tables): $50

Damages & Theft

Individuals or groups are responsible to pay for any damages that occur during the time of their use, beyond normal wear and tear. The Operations Coordinator will determine what percentage beyond the cost of repair is to be charged, depending upon the individual incident.


Damage to any piece of furniture in any room: cost of repair + up to 10%

  • Damage to AV equipment (including screens) and/or to lighting equipment: cost of repair + up to 20%
  • Damage to any equipment at the Goodrich Coffee Bar: cost of repair + up to 15%
  • Theft of an item belonging in one of the venues: cost of item + $25 fine, and referral to Campus Safety & Security and/or the Dean’s Office.

Leutkemeyer Lounge Gaming Equipment

As the lower level of Paresky is a communal space, it is expected that all members of the Williams community uphold the standards of the space. Equipment is available on an honor system, and missing items or gaming equipment will not be replaced regularly.

Sound Levels

Not every space is ideal for every kind of event. The Operations Coordinator has the final decision on whether the sound of an event will conflict with other nearby operations. Contact the Operations Coordinator well in advance for more information.

Please note: Music may be on in Paresky during lunch and dinner hours as appropriate during the academic year.


(See the “Advertising and Distribution Policy” section of the Student Handbook for more details about campus-wide policies.)

Paresky and Goodrich

General posting is available through the Office of Student Life. No more than 12 posters per event shall be allowed up at any time between the two locations. Posters shall be submitted to the Operations Coordinator to be put up according to the policies of the building, certified, and hung up by staff of the Office of Student Life. Any posters not certified by the Operations Coordinator will be removed promptly. Failure to comply will result in future reduction in postering privileges.


Postings for events that have passed, or postings that do not meet the policies set forth here or in the “Advertising and Distribution Policy” section of the Student Handbook, will be removed and discarded. The College accepts no responsibility for items that have been removed and/or discarded.


Students, faculty, and staff may request to hang a banner via the online form. Banners are allowed to be hung from designated locations in/around Paresky and Goodrich. There may be a fee charged to the sponsoring person or group for this service. Banners must have a Williams sponsor to be considered.

Exterior banners must be hung by Facilities, and may not hang lower than the bottom of the balcony. Interior banners may be hung by Facilities, or you may choose to hang them yourself (if you use the eye-hooks on the support beams). All banners will be hung over the side railings in the interior of Baxter Hall unless explicitly told otherwise by the Operations Coordinator. Unapproved banners will be removed and stored in the Office of Student Life for two weeks prior to being discarded. When possible, the sponsoring organization or student will be notified.


Banners may be requested via the online form, to be hung inside of Baxter Hall, or from the Paresky east balcony. Requests must be submitted at least 10 days in advance if Facilities assistance is required. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Banners may be requested via the online form, to be hung outside on the front of Goodrich Hall. The Town of Williamstown requires a permit to hang a banner outside of Goodrich, so be sure to submit the form at least 21 days prior to when you would like your banner to be displayed.

Outside Vendors

This section applies to all outside vendors wishing to sell goods or services on the Williams College campus. They are intended to maximize convenience to students and fairness to vendors, and to minimize bureaucracy.

At Williams College, being private property, the sale of goods and services by outside vendors should occur only when doing so contributes to the College’s functioning as a residential institution. Williams College reserves the right to refuse access to this service to any vendor who has not satisfactorily followed the policy in the past, or to any vendor selling goods or services deemed inappropriate. For example, no credit card companies will be allowed to vend on campus, and items such as incense, candles, etc., which would violate life safety regulations for campus housing, may not be sold. Williams College reserves the right to require that any vendor provide the College with a certificate of insurance demonstrating adequate general liability coverage and workers’ compensation, and naming the College as additional insured.


Vendors wishing to sell at Williams College must make their request by submitting the Vendor Request Form. Once approved by the Operations Coordinator, vendors may sell goods and services in the Paresky Center tabling area on a schedule determined by the Operations Coordinator. Vendor setup space is limited, and vendors are limited to two sale days during a selling period. Before beginning to sell, the vendor must check in with the Operations Coordinator. Vendors unable to follow through on their reservations should notify the Operations Coordinator as soon as possible.

At the end of the sales day, or at the end of the last of the two days’ series, the vendor must present to the Operations Coordinator a check payable to Williams College or cash covering 10% of their gross sales during their vending period.


Pets are prohibited from Paresky, Goodrich, and the Log, due to the buildings partial function as food service venues. Pets are also prohibited from being left or tied up outside of the buildings, both for the safety of the pet, and also due to the need to keep these buildings approachable for all patrons, including those who are afraid of pets.

Please note, however, that administrative employees whose offices are located on the 2nd floor of Paresky are allowed to bring in their dogs – these employees must sign a statement of understanding in advance and adhere to special rules regarding bringing in and taking out their dogs. Contact the Operations Coordinator for details on this exception.


Per College policies, smoking is not permitted inside the venues or within 25 feet of any of the buildings.


Any bicycles attached to a handrail will be detached and confiscated by Campus Safety and Security, per federal requirements.


It is expected that all members of the Williams community recycle appropriately. Recycling containers can be found throughout the venues. Contact the Zilkha Center or Facilities with any questions or concerns.

Goodrich Coffee Bar Fines

The following fines pertain specifically to the Coffee Bar.

  • Mistreatment of Coffee Bar employees: $200
  • Using the Coffee Bar as a service station for drinks/snacks (without the expressed permission of the Coffee Bar Managers): $50
  • Loss of key to lockers: $20